A Zone of Zombies: The Rezoning

You may remember that a year ago I posted some fanart that I made for Game of Thrones. I used MSPaint to create zombie versions of some of the characters who’d died on the show. Last time I did Oberyn, Tywin, and Ned Stark. There were a lot of good deaths in season 5, but I wanted to reach back again into the previous seasons, namely to draw some of the great female characters on the show.

Here we have Mance Rayder, the first death of season 5.


Now here’s Catelyn Stark. I’m still holding out some hope that we’ll get a REAL zombie Catelyn on the show.


And finally, here’s Shae, the next-to-last death of season 4.


My reaction to the fifth season: freaking amazing! There are a lot of directions they could go, but I see Jon Snow coming back with some/much help from Melisandre. He gets rid of the betrayers and signs up the wildlings. Sansa and Reek go to the Wall and the Night’s Watch declares war on the Boltons. Brienne/Davos venture out to find Rickon/Osha. Tyrion runs Mereen like a champ. Dany gets taken by the khalasar, then takes OVER the khalasar. Cercei, now that we sympathize with her, becomes ten times as crazy with the death of her daughter. Giant henchman wreaks havoc. Littlefinger has a scheme that doesn’t fall on its face. Sam sees the Reach. Some stuff with Dorne.


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