New Bizarro Series Retrospective!

I got my start in bizarro through the New Bizarro Author Series. It’s a testing ground for authors to see if they have what it takes to be one of us weird writers. Each year there are many new authors joining in, and often the experience helps them find where they want to be in the publishing world. There have been so many authors who went on to do so many different things that it bottles the mind.

This year there are NINE books in the New Bizarro Author Series. There have never been that many! That’s nine new authors getting ready to spend the year promoting their books and bizarro fiction in ways never before seen. Part of their plan is to interview all the writers who’ve taken part in the NBAS in the past, and since I was part of the first generation of NBAS, I got to be first. My good friend Karl Fischer is asking the questions in what I believe is my best interview to date. We talk about my new baby, a possible sequel to Carnageland, and magical tigers who leak colored ice cream, sort of like this:


Check out the interview here. Huge thanks to Karl and all of this year’s NBAS’ers. I’m rooting for each of you sick motherfuckers.


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