Con Report: Warner Robins Comic Con

Last weekend I went to the Warner Robins Comic Con to sell bizarro books. It was awesome! As usual for a Georgia comic con, there were Funko Pops and Walking Dead fans EVERYWHERE. There was also a kid wearing this:


I got a table between a lady dressed as Harley Quinn and a pro wrestler hawking tickets to his show the next day. Former WWE referee Teddy Long was there with him. Teddy Long wears fancy suits and calls everybody ‘playa’. I barely spoke to him, but he seemed like a real douchebag. That’s pro wrestling for you. Luckily, the Harley Quinn lady and I got to share the bar area next to our tables. There was no alcohol to be had, but there was a TV playing cartoons and the con organizer put a ton of free pizza on the bar. That made everything pretty sweet.


Even better than free pizza was selling my books. I sold enough books to make the con worthwhile, and got a few people to do double-takes when they saw a bizarro book. A truck driver came up and bought a copy of all my books, saying that he loved to listen to audio books on the road, and tried to read whenever he could. Then a redneck lady came up and we talked about how cool Goosebumps books are. I told her that my books are like Rated R versions of Goosebumps, so she bought a copy for her son, who was like twelve. I liked that lady and her kid. I liked that trucker, too. I like selling books to regular folks. I’d pass up a thousand literary conventions to hit up one comic con and shoot the shit with country-nerds like myself. Fun times. Next month I’ll be at MGACON again, and hopefully this time I’ll splurge and buy some stuff.


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