Bacon Fried Bastard celebrates CINCO DE MAYO

To celebrate the Drunk Holidays this year, I’ve been holding contests for Bacon Fried Bastard, my drunk book. I ran a raffle for Christmas, and now for Cinco de Mayo I’m giving away FREE STUFF.

I’m asking readers for FIVE new reviews on Bacon Fried Bastard’s Amazon page by Cinco de Mayo. That’s ten days away. If we meet this goal, those five (or more!) reviewers are guaran-damn-teed to win FREE STUFF. The last contest I ran only got you a chance to win stuff. Now I’ve gone crazy and I’m just givin’ it away.

WHAT DO YOU DO? Write a review on Amazon and contact me with your preferred mailing address (I can be reached on facebook, twitter, or at this here email address: barbee478 AT yahoo DOT com). If you’ve already purchased and/or read the book, you’re ahead of the game!

WHAT DO YOU GET? Comic books! Trading cards! Horror movies! But that’s not all! The cherry on top will be super special signed-and-numbered BOOKPLATES featuring the art of my dude Jim Agpalza. So you get awesome swag and your copy of BFB will get a super rare personalized upgrade.


All of this, mailed to your door, free of charge. All you have to do is review Bacon Fried Bastard at some point between this moment right here and Cinco de Mayo. Reviews matter, so get out there and earn that hangover.


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