Con Report: Savannah Mega Comic Con

Last weekend I drove down south to Savannah Mega Comic Con. It was great! I sold a ton of books and got to talk with fellow geeks for an afternoon. When I first arrived I had a wait to get my table since the con was packed with vendors. The volunteers were very helpful, though, and were doing their best. The venue was the National Guard Armory which had to be an old high school gymnasium before that. The place was old as hell and didn’t have air conditioning. It wasn’t so bad, but all those Slipknot clowns and zombies and cosplayers wearing layers must have been dying. Deadpool for certain was sweating his nuts off.


My the middle of the afternoon the heat was starting to get to me, along with my lack of coffee. I started feeling bad, so I told myself I’d leave after selling one more book. I wound up selling four books, so I packed up and headed home. During my three-hour drive back to central Georgia, I started actually falling asleep at the wheel, which was scary as hell. I pulled over and got some coffee, which immediately made me feel better. Plus the minor delay allowed me to follow this the rest of the way home.


Overall the con was great, and if they’re doing it again next year I’ll probably return. They gave out free pizza, so they must be on God’s side.


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