Barbwired 023

It’s Wednesday, which means its time to NOT put off making a post for this here blog. It’s just that there’s a CRAZY amount of stuff that is not going on with me.

Something cool got announced by my friends Ze Burns and Amy Vaughn. It’s BABOU 691, an upcoming magazine dedicated to the bizarre, surreal, and classically weird. More info in Ze’s own words can be found HERE, but I wanted to mention this because Ze and Amy have been great supporters of mine and I appreciate them that freaking much.


For me, I’m in a preparatory phase right now, and I can’t necessarily talk about what I’m preparing for, either. There’s just a lot to learn, a lot to plan, and it’s all just floating in the air around me, not nailed down or anything. Sure, I know it will all get done, but others don’t give much of a damn about what you’re planning to do. They just want to see you do it. Fair enough.

It’s funny because back when I first started publishing I had no idea what to do to prepare for a book’s release. I was running entirely on piss and vinegar and sheer moxie. I’ve gotten better over the years, but the secret is that this is an individual sport, and everyone has to figure out how best to do things for themselves.

Along with all my research into self-publishing, I’ve been trying to shop for self-published books that I’d find interesting as a reader. Low and behold I found something called “Og Grim Dog,” a fantasy trilogy about a three-headed ogre. I’m not normally into fantasy books, and this looks very constrained by that genre, but there’s something charming about a three-headed ogre as a protagonist. It excites me. It’s my kinda weird.


And on that note, I go to meet my kid’s new kindergarten teacher. During a viral pandemic. Awesome.

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