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Jimbo Yojimbo Progress Report

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My latest book, which you can still purchase, has been out in the world for over six months now. Things have been busy, so I haven’t shared all the publicity that the book has gotten since it was published. Hell, I’ve barely kept track of all the conventions I’ve where I’ve been selling this book like hotcakes. All of this sucks, because Jimbo has gotten some good praise and it deserves some recognition before I shift gears into promoting Taterskinheads. So here is an official tally of all the places where Jimbo has been featured. Get ready for some links.

-An excerpt from Jimbo was published over at Entropy Magazine.
-A review over at Cultured Vultures
-A video review by Dr. Benjamin Anthony
-A review by Michael Patrick Hicks, who says it’s “both odd and insanely dangerous and as familiar and comforting as country gravy
-I was on the Losing the Plot podcast!
-And the Bizzong podcast!
-The Irresponsible Reader has this to say: “This book is like the Mos Eisley cantina scene — something strange and interesting to look at everywhere, with a bit of violence and a bit of business going on in the midst of it all.
-A review by the Beardy Book Blogger, one of the best-named book blogs out there.
-I did an interview at Quivering Pen where I spoke about some firsts in my writing career.
-I also answered some questions for Monkey Bicycle.
-One of my absolute favorite review sites, The Grim Reader Reviews
-An interview at Fanbase Press, a huge geek culture site that shows support for the indies.
-A review at Ginger Nuts of Horror (thanks, Amber!)

Plenty more venues have yet to weigh in, so maybe we’ll see more Jimbo praise in the future. I also want to thank my good friend Lori Hettler for all of her help and advice in promoting this book. Now, I must turn my attention to making preparations for my next book, Taterskinheads. I’m thinking doing a giveaway with signed copies and homemade potatohead people.




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My latest book, Jimbo Yojimbo, is still young and new, and to help him get big and strong he needs AMAZON REVIEWS. Amazon reviews offer nourishment and vitality to an indie book competing with an internet’s worth of other indie books. So what do I do? Last year, for Bacon Fried Bastard, I held a contest where folks got a chance to win something if they wrote a quick review. HOW THE HELL DO I TOP THAT?

OH YEAH, I FREAKING GUARANTEE THAT YOU WIN SOMETHING IF YOU WRITE A REVIEW. That’s right, from this day until whenever I run out of stuff, you can win a dvd just by writing a review on JIMBO YOJIMBO’S AMAZON PAGE. Just post that review and then contact me to let me know. I can be easily reached on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or email me at barbee478 @ Here is my selection of dvds that can be yours when you review Jimbo Yojimbo:


And you know what? You can pick which dvd you want (as long as no one else has claimed it first, so I guess you’d better hurry?). And these ain’t bullshit movies I’m just trying to get rid of (even though that IS a bootleg copy of SAW, but that just means you get a kickass hand-drawn dvd cover by me). These movies are cool as hell, and when I send you one I’ll include other stuff like fliers, posters, stickers, chapbooks, and a couple of unseen dvds that I didn’t put on the list because I really am just trying to get rid of them. But maybe you really do want a copy of The Butterfly Effect. I don’t know.

SO YEAH! GIVE JIMBO YOJIMBO A REVIEW! If you’re reading it now, review it! If you’ve just bought the Kindle edition (which became available this week), review it! If you just plain want to win one of these dvds for free, review it! This giveaway costs you nothing and wins you some cool stuff. Join in and let’s feed my new book until it grows big and strong!

Jimbo Yojimbo, now on KINDLE

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Great news! My latest book is now available on Kindle, so all you folks who are too good for paper and ink can rejoice! Go buy it with one click!


This actually comes at a great time, because now you can get Jimbo INSTANTLY and then post a review on Amazon very soon. Why would you do that? Because tomorrow I’m going to start a DVD GIVEAWAY! Everybody who posts a review on Jimbo Yojimbo’s amazon page will receive a dvd of their choice along with other kickass prizes. More details will be posted tomorrow (including an inventory of the dvds, so you can choose which one you want! Holy crap!)

Con Report: Days of the Dead ’18

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Last weekend I went to my first Days of the Dead convention. This story actually begins years ago, since that’s how long I’ve been planning to go to this convention with fellow author Matthew Vaughn. Vaughn’s an author, artist, and a great guy, but in the last few weeks he suddenly had to back out. So there I am with a table and two wristbands in my hand, and what happens? TWO Italian-blooded psychos bang down my door and invite themselves to my home state. What the hell, I figured. Let the barbarians in the gate.


I’ve known John Wayne Comunale for a few years now. He’s a top level dude. He’s in a band, he writes, he’s covered in tattoos, and he loves evil. He came all the way from Texas to help me sell books, drink beer, and sing the fuck out of some karaoke. Then came Mike Lombardo. Mike is… insane. He’s a writer, director, and special effects artist whose mind has been injected by our creator with nitroglycerin and dick jokes. The man’s a mythical creature, and I set him loose on Days of the Dead mixed up with John Wayne’s evil punkness and my own hulking weirdocity. They were not ready for us.


Mike’s like a carnival barker. That motherfucker can SELL, and what he was selling were faces. Bloody, shredded latex face masks that we put dead center on our table. It got people’s attention almost without fail, and a few ladies even hid it from view as they passed by. John Wayne had books and records and I had all of my usual wares. Between the three of us we morphed into a triple-headed dragon of shameless self-promotion and hard sells. I promised to suck a woman’s dick if she bought my book, and she wound up buying John Wayne’s book instead, so just imagine what he must have promised. That’s how hard we were going.


In the midst of so many horror nerds dressed up as their favorite serial killers (real or fictional), rotten corpses, patch-covered punks, or good old fashioned goth chicks, we not only impressed them with our tenacious stupidity, but also all the tables around us. The guy from Vinegar Syndrome (which sells kickass old horror flicks restored to bluray) kept coming over to express how he admired our ability to make damn fools of ourselves. He asked me what animal I thought I was, and I almost said orangutan but wound up saying moose instead. He called me Moose for the rest of the weekend. Probably still does. Across from us was Terminus City gifts, very kind folks who helped me navigate some of the con’s parking policies and sold me a gift for my wife. On the last day, Mike, John Wayne, and I really ramped things up to make a few last minute sales. One lady bought something from each of us and we sang her praises for the rest of the day (WE LOVE YOU, DAWN, SERIOUSLY). Then we did some actual singing. First we honed in on “Crossroads” by Bone Thugs N Harmony, which everyone knows leads to hours of entertainment. Then I led John Wayne in a rendition of “Elvira” by the Oak Ridge Boys with no harmony at all. Then more Crossroads jokes. Then, my energy nearly spent, Mike broke out in the theme song for Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and I did my best to keep up. Then more Crossroads jokes. Then I gathered up my swag and bid farewell to all my new and old friends.


That’s right. Horror movies, short films, John Wayne’s latest book, some cartoons, and hot sauce by Billy Mitchell. Despite being a greedy backstabbing son of a bitch, he makes a pretty good hot sauce.


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In all the hustle and bustle of tabling cons and casting pods, I completely forgot to share the cover art for my next book, Taterskinheads. I shared it on other social media, but not on this here blog. So here it is! The artwork is by Justin T. Coons, and it’s magnificent in its bloody, racist-chomping glory.


Now I just have to give it one more editing polish and it should be ready for publication this year. Thanks to Justin for the art and for Bizarro Pulp Press for being a pleasure to work with. Now back into the mines. I’ve got editing and submitting to do this week, then it’s off to DAYS OF THE DEAD ATLANTA this weekend. Should have a report on that soon, if I don’t die from doing too many things.

You can’t listen to S.T. Cartledge’s YOU READ MY PODCAST

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Podcasts. Everybody’s got one. Hell, I love going on podcasts to talk to somebody about books, life, and everything else. But recently, my good friend S.T. Cartledge (one of my favorite weird writers) approached me with a new idea. He and I would have an informal conversation via the internet, which for all intents and purposes would cover the same territory that a podcast would. Only we’d be writing it. And you’d be reading it. I think it’s a great idea, and to make it even better, I really opened up to Shane and talked about living the life of a writer. I basically sat on his virtual therapy couch for a few hours, and it was GREAT! So head over to You Read My Podcast and get a good look at the interior of my skull.

Jimbo Yojimbo @ Ginger Nuts of Horror

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I’ve waited a long time to see one of my books on Ginger Nuts of Horror, and lo and behold, now is the time! Huge thanks to Ginger Nuts of Horror and the writer of this review, Amber Fallon (read her books!). She describes the storytelling as “rich, beautiful, cinematic, and skillful. Author David W. Barbee’s talent shines through like a bright tadpole.”


Read the whole review at Ginger Nuts of Horror, one of the best damn genre sites on this here internet.