Bacon Fried Bastard @ Beavis the Bookhead AND Cultured Vultures

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Bacon Fried Bastard has had a good week! First was a review in Cultured Vultures earlier this week, and then another one today at Beavis the Bookhead! I’m thrilled to have both of those venues spotlighting my book. There’s not much else to say, so head over and give those reviews a read. Both sites are really cool and deserve the traffic. By the way, here’s a pic of Beavis and Butthead being classy:


P.S. Keep an eye out at Ginger Nuts of Horror. They were kind enough to interview me, which should be posted up tomorrow. I probably won’t be able to blog about it until Monday. You heard it here first.

Indie Spotlight on THE NEXT BEST BOOK BLOG

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My latest book, BACON FRIED BASTARD, is a weird crime story featuring lots of monsters and cyborgs and violence, but it’s also about good old fashioned addiction. So to show that I’m not just making shit up, i went over to the Next Best Book Blog for their Indie Spotlight, where I talked about my family’s history with alcoholism.


It’s rare that I give people a glimpse into my personal life, so enjoy! And thanks to Lori Hettler for all her help. Here’s the link: THE NEXT BEST BOOK BLOG


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Everyone these days has a book trailer, mostly because book trailers are freakin’ awesome. So I gathered up some toys and filmed a short trailer for my latest book, Bacon Fried Bastard. Hope you like it, and if you do, head over to Amazon and buy buy buy a copy! I promise that the book contains 100x the psychedelic weirdness of this video.

Con Report: MGA Con 2017

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Yet another convention is in the books. This time it was MGACon, and my third time tabling there. As usual, I had a great time and sold enough books. I even bought some prints and a t-shirt for my kid. That’s how well it worked out. So all that’s left is to give you the broad strokes:



My table was positioned in the Artist Alley, across from a character designer for one of my favorite shows, Archer. Next to me was a guy who could draw the shit out of Scooby Doo and across the aisle was a quiet guy who drew Sonic the Hedgehog.



Lots of Stormtroopers, as usual. This guy had a backpack full of brains. I understand that it’s mean to be his exposed spinal column, but I like the idea of a backpack full of brains. There were also a lot of Harley Quinns, but one woman was REALLY accurate. I declined to take her picture because she was too beautiful. You’ll have to take my word for it. Unrelated to her, there was a guy dressed as Heath Ledger Joker (always a few of those, too) and he looked bored as hell and kind of sad. Totally not having fun even though he’s dressed up as such a charismatic character. It was weird, but also strangely funny. I didn’t get his picture, either.



And that was the con, folks. Pretty run-of-the-mill. These days I’ve gotten used to doing cons, and I’m planning to do more. Hearing all the comic and cartoon artists talk about all the cons they go to made me hungry for more. This was only my second con of 2017 and I have THREE more in the works, not including BizarroCon in November. I’ll probably need more of these snazzy business cards.


Con Report: Warner Robins Comic Con

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Last weekend I went to the Warner Robins Comic Con to sell bizarro books. It was awesome! As usual for a Georgia comic con, there were Funko Pops and Walking Dead fans EVERYWHERE. There was also a kid wearing this:


I got a table between a lady dressed as Harley Quinn and a pro wrestler hawking tickets to his show the next day. Former WWE referee Teddy Long was there with him. Teddy Long wears fancy suits and calls everybody ‘playa’. I barely spoke to him, but he seemed like a real douchebag. That’s pro wrestling for you. Luckily, the Harley Quinn lady and I got to share the bar area next to our tables. There was no alcohol to be had, but there was a TV playing cartoons and the con organizer put a ton of free pizza on the bar. That made everything pretty sweet.


Even better than free pizza was selling my books. I sold enough books to make the con worthwhile, and got a few people to do double-takes when they saw a bizarro book. A truck driver came up and bought a copy of all my books, saying that he loved to listen to audio books on the road, and tried to read whenever he could. Then a redneck lady came up and we talked about how cool Goosebumps books are. I told her that my books are like Rated R versions of Goosebumps, so she bought a copy for her son, who was like twelve. I liked that lady and her kid. I liked that trucker, too. I like selling books to regular folks. I’d pass up a thousand literary conventions to hit up one comic con and shoot the shit with country-nerds like myself. Fun times. Next month I’ll be at MGACON again, and hopefully this time I’ll splurge and buy some stuff.

Bacon Frying Bacon Fried Bastard

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Christmas promotions for Bacon Fried Bastard have been crazy as hell. I’ve gotten a ton of reviews, mailed out prizes, and plan on mailing out MORE prizes. I plan to keep this train rolling well into 2017, but for now I want to make sure everyone sees the craziest thing I did this holiday season to promote my new book: bacon frying a copy. Thanks to Joseph Bouthiette for thinking this up and then buying two copies of BFB (one to read, and one for me to cook in my kitchen). Hope everyone had a happy holiday. Piggly Swiggly and I will see you soon…

Listen to me @ BIZZONG!

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Frank Edler of the Bizzong! Podcast invited me on yesterday to talk about Bacon Fried Bastard and the bizarro genre.

Image result for bizzong

It was a really good conversation, because we got to talk a lot about ME and MY BOOK and MY WRITING CAREER. Thanks go out to my wife who looked after the kid so I could sit alone and talk about myself over the internet. Bizzong is one of my favorite podcasts because it really shines a light on bizarro and weird stuff in general. Like I told Frank, there was a time when bizarro didn’t have these sorts of platforms. The fact that we do now is a huge sign of progress in our bid to take over the world with weird books. Check out the episode here.