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Jimbo Yojimbo Progress Report

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My latest book, which you can still purchase, has been out in the world for over six months now. Things have been busy, so I haven’t shared all the publicity that the book has gotten since it was published. Hell, I’ve barely kept track of all the conventions I’ve where I’ve been selling this book like hotcakes. All of this sucks, because Jimbo has gotten some good praise and it deserves some recognition before I shift gears into promoting Taterskinheads. So here is an official tally of all the places where Jimbo has been featured. Get ready for some links.

-An excerpt from Jimbo was published over at Entropy Magazine.
-A review over at Cultured Vultures
-A video review by Dr. Benjamin Anthony
-A review by Michael Patrick Hicks, who says it’s “both odd and insanely dangerous and as familiar and comforting as country gravy
-I was on the Losing the Plot podcast!
-And the Bizzong podcast!
-The Irresponsible Reader has this to say: “This book is like the Mos Eisley cantina scene — something strange and interesting to look at everywhere, with a bit of violence and a bit of business going on in the midst of it all.
-A review by the Beardy Book Blogger, one of the best-named book blogs out there.
-I did an interview at Quivering Pen where I spoke about some firsts in my writing career.
-I also answered some questions for Monkey Bicycle.
-One of my absolute favorite review sites, The Grim Reader Reviews
-An interview at Fanbase Press, a huge geek culture site that shows support for the indies.
-A review at Ginger Nuts of Horror (thanks, Amber!)

Plenty more venues have yet to weigh in, so maybe we’ll see more Jimbo praise in the future. I also want to thank my good friend Lori Hettler for all of her help and advice in promoting this book. Now, I must turn my attention to making preparations for my next book, Taterskinheads. I’m thinking doing a giveaway with signed copies and homemade potatohead people.




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My latest book, Jimbo Yojimbo, is still young and new, and to help him get big and strong he needs AMAZON REVIEWS. Amazon reviews offer nourishment and vitality to an indie book competing with an internet’s worth of other indie books. So what do I do? Last year, for Bacon Fried Bastard, I held a contest where folks got a chance to win something if they wrote a quick review. HOW THE HELL DO I TOP THAT?

OH YEAH, I FREAKING GUARANTEE THAT YOU WIN SOMETHING IF YOU WRITE A REVIEW. That’s right, from this day until whenever I run out of stuff, you can win a dvd just by writing a review on JIMBO YOJIMBO’S AMAZON PAGE. Just post that review and then contact me to let me know. I can be easily reached on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or email me at barbee478 @ Here is my selection of dvds that can be yours when you review Jimbo Yojimbo:


And you know what? You can pick which dvd you want (as long as no one else has claimed it first, so I guess you’d better hurry?). And these ain’t bullshit movies I’m just trying to get rid of (even though that IS a bootleg copy of SAW, but that just means you get a kickass hand-drawn dvd cover by me). These movies are cool as hell, and when I send you one I’ll include other stuff like fliers, posters, stickers, chapbooks, and a couple of unseen dvds that I didn’t put on the list because I really am just trying to get rid of them. But maybe you really do want a copy of The Butterfly Effect. I don’t know.

SO YEAH! GIVE JIMBO YOJIMBO A REVIEW! If you’re reading it now, review it! If you’ve just bought the Kindle edition (which became available this week), review it! If you just plain want to win one of these dvds for free, review it! This giveaway costs you nothing and wins you some cool stuff. Join in and let’s feed my new book until it grows big and strong!

Jimbo Yojimbo, now on KINDLE

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Great news! My latest book is now available on Kindle, so all you folks who are too good for paper and ink can rejoice! Go buy it with one click!


This actually comes at a great time, because now you can get Jimbo INSTANTLY and then post a review on Amazon very soon. Why would you do that? Because tomorrow I’m going to start a DVD GIVEAWAY! Everybody who posts a review on Jimbo Yojimbo’s amazon page will receive a dvd of their choice along with other kickass prizes. More details will be posted tomorrow (including an inventory of the dvds, so you can choose which one you want! Holy crap!)

Jimbo Yojimbo @ Ginger Nuts of Horror

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I’ve waited a long time to see one of my books on Ginger Nuts of Horror, and lo and behold, now is the time! Huge thanks to Ginger Nuts of Horror and the writer of this review, Amber Fallon (read her books!). She describes the storytelling as “rich, beautiful, cinematic, and skillful. Author David W. Barbee’s talent shines through like a bright tadpole.”


Read the whole review at Ginger Nuts of Horror, one of the best damn genre sites on this here internet.

Jimbo Yojimbo on BIZZONG!

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Frank Edler of the Bizzong! podcast was kind enough to invite me to be his first guest of 2018. We talked about my newly released book, Jimbo Yojimbo, and lots of other things. Things like: writing, reading, family, deep frying literature, Joe Lansdale’s voice, action figures, Asian soul food fusion, and I even let slip some info about MY SECRET BOOK WHICH WILL BE OUT SOMETIME LATER THIS YEAR! Holy shit! Huge thanks to Frank for having me on. Always a pleasure talking to that dude. Check out the episode here.


Jimbo Yojimbo is OUT NOW!

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It’s a new year and my new book is now available! Head to Amazon to get a copy of Jimbo Yojimbo!


It’s already got a review that goes a little something like this:

“If you’re familiar with David W. Barbee, you know his signature knock-you-down-and-drag-you-along-for-the-ride style of storytelling. Jimbo Yojimbo is no different. You hit the ground running, dodging battalions of genetically engineered shrimp called Crawds on a daring prison break, voyaging down a trash river, meeting up with crazed gun nuts, and a final show down that you won’t forget. Our hero has a cuttlefish sewn into his face. He encounters a wild menagerie of humans, animals, and some things that might be both (or neither?) on his quest for revenge against the dastardly Bhudda Gump Shrimp Company. If you love weird fiction, samurai epics, southern style cuisine, bizarre mashups, or any combination of the above, this book is for you! It’s a crazy-wonderful dish of deep fried frog ass sashimi!”

Every copy sold through Amazon is a huge help, but remember that you can also contact your local library or bookstore to get a copy there, as well. That’s helpful to your community, and honestly, the bookstore or library will probably be getting their copy from Amazon anyway. If you live in the Central Georgia area, there will be copies at THE GOLDEN BOUGH located on Cotton Avenue in historic downtown Macon. Hopefully we can make 2018 the year of Swords and Sumbitches.

Up for Pre-order: JIMBO YOJIMBO

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My newest book is now available for pre-order! The link is RIGHT HERE. Okay, now I’m going to tell you all about this book and why it would be massively helpful if you pre-ordered it.

Jimbo Yojimbo is a redneck samurai epic (though it’s not that long of a story; none of my stories are). It’s something I’ve wanted to write for a really long time, always set in a twisted historical world with one man seeking revenge against an insane celebrity shogun. Eventually the historical setting became a frog-ruined future, the hero became a hillbilly mountain man, and the shogun became a soul food sushi chef. We even had some trouble nailing down a title until we realized that the hero’s name is pretty damn clever. Now that it’s all finished, I’m immensely proud of JIMBO YOJIMBO. It’s my best book to date (similar to the fan-favorite A TOWN CALLED SUCKHOLE), and I plan to write many more books like this one in the future.

Now, on to why you should pre-order it. It doesn’t come out until January 1, 2018! After all the holiday shopping is over! That sucks, but if you order it now with your Christmas cash, you can still get one of the first copies to be printed. It’ll be sent to you before anybody else. More to the point, like any indie author I am forced to throw my fortunes in with the mighty corporate god whose name is Amazon. It’s never guaranteed that you can please this deity, but your best chances lie in pre-orders and book reviews. The more of both I can get, the better position this book will have (hopefully) in the labyrinth of madness that is Amazon’s promotional algorithm. So yes, pre-orders will help tremendously. It is the only language the Bezos Beast understands. And to help entice you, I’m spending my holiday season promoting JIMBO YOJIMBO with tons of art and contests and giveaways (including that sweet Brian Keene blurb you can see on this here blog). Alright, sales pitch over. Behold Jimbo’s beautiful cover art (by Jim Agpalza) and the description below. Thanks for pre-ordering!


From the author of Bacon Fried Bastard and A Town Called Suckhole, comes a countrified samurai epic in the vein of Squidbillies if directed by Akira Kurosawa.

A flood of frogs drowned the cities and gunked up all the guns. Now an evil restaurant chain called the Buddha Gump Shrimp Company rules a finger-licking shogunate of seafood mutants and murderous redneck swordsmen like Jimbo Yojimbo. Jimbo wants revenge on the Company for killing his family and stitching a cuttlefish to his face. After a daring escape, he will hack his way through hordes of crawdad soldiers, a church of quacking gun nuts on a jihad, and Bushido Budnick, the master chef who rules them all. But with every step he takes, Jimbo Yojimbo’s sweet revenge will surely begin to taste like shit gumbo.

JIMBO YOJIMBO is fast-paced post-apocalyptic redneck samurai tale of love, revenge, and a whole lotta mutant sumbitches.