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Jimbo Yojimbo, now on KINDLE

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Great news! My latest book is now available on Kindle, so all you folks who are too good for paper and ink can rejoice! Go buy it with one click!


This actually comes at a great time, because now you can get Jimbo INSTANTLY and then post a review on Amazon very soon. Why would you do that? Because tomorrow I’m going to start a DVD GIVEAWAY! Everybody who posts a review on Jimbo Yojimbo’s amazon page will receive a dvd of their choice along with other kickass prizes. More details will be posted tomorrow (including an inventory of the dvds, so you can choose which one you want! Holy crap!)



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It’s finally arrived. Bacon Fried Bastard, my shit-faced junglepunk monster-mash take on Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, is HERE. It’s available for pre-order in both paperback and Kindle, and will be officially unleashed this Friday. I hope everyone goes to Amazon and buys a copy, reads that copy, and then tells the world what they think of it. All of those things would be a fantastic help, and with recent events causing so much turmoil, I guess I hope that this book can provide a little entertainment in an otherwise fucked up world. It’s about a pig-man who does piggish things, so…


Huge thanks to Jim Agpalza for that cover art, Kevin Donihe for all his editing help, and, as always, my publisher Eraserhead Press.

Read Me on Kindle (FINALLY!)

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I’m old fashioned. I read paperbacks and shit. But a lot of you out there are all about that new technology, and that’s okay too. I’ve been hesitant to put my work on the Kindle because of my high-waisted pants and comb-over hairdo, but now that’s all changing. This guy gets it:

Pompeii Portrait of Menander 70 CE  with a Kindle Fire

I’m branching out these days, and having THE NIGHT’S NEON FANGS on all your Kindles is part of that. So now it’s available. So get it and read it! And review it! If Night’s Neon Fangs does well on the Kindle I promise that I will seriously consider taking the stick out of my ass and releasing my previous two books, A TOWN CALLED SUCKHOLE and THUNDERPUSSY, on Kindle as well. I’m looking forward to seeing how this experiment works. Get some Barbee on your Kindle and you’ll get MORE Barbee on your Kindle in the future. Happy reading.

Get the Kindle version of THE NIGHT’S NEON FANGS here