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You can’t listen to S.T. Cartledge’s YOU READ MY PODCAST

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Podcasts. Everybody’s got one. Hell, I love going on podcasts to talk to somebody about books, life, and everything else. But recently, my good friend S.T. Cartledge (one of my favorite weird writers) approached me with a new idea. He and I would have an informal conversation via the internet, which for all intents and purposes would cover the same territory that a podcast would. Only we’d be writing it. And you’d be reading it. I think it’s a great idea, and to make it even better, I really opened up to Shane and talked about living the life of a writer. I basically sat on his virtual therapy couch for a few hours, and it was GREAT! So head over to You Read My Podcast and get a good look at the interior of my skull.


Jimbo Yojimbo on BIZZONG!

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Frank Edler of the Bizzong! podcast was kind enough to invite me to be his first guest of 2018. We talked about my newly released book, Jimbo Yojimbo, and lots of other things. Things like: writing, reading, family, deep frying literature, Joe Lansdale’s voice, action figures, Asian soul food fusion, and I even let slip some info about MY SECRET BOOK WHICH WILL BE OUT SOMETIME LATER THIS YEAR! Holy shit! Huge thanks to Frank for having me on. Always a pleasure talking to that dude. Check out the episode here.


I was on The Horror Show with Brian Keene!

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Oh, hey, blog. I’ve been neglecting the shit out of you, what with all my blogging over on Bizarro Central and the living of the life. I’ve had lots of reading, writing, and babymaking to keep track of lately, and I totally forgot to tell you that I WAS ON THE HORROR SHOW WITH BRIAN KEENE


Yup, while I was on my convention bender this summer, I sat down with Keene, Mary Sangiovanni, and my good buddy Karl Fischer, to shoot the shit and tell lies. You can check it out HERE. I kind of can’t believe that I forgot to blog about it, because it was one of the best times I’ve ever had as an author. Anyway, back into the mines…

P.S.: If you’re attending BizarroCon this weekend, you’ll hear the announcement of my next book, which I’m forbidden to tell you about. But after that announcement is made, I can share more details, so keep a lookout here and all the other social media purgatories I call home.

Listen to me @ BIZZONG!

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Frank Edler of the Bizzong! Podcast invited me on yesterday to talk about Bacon Fried Bastard and the bizarro genre.

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It was a really good conversation, because we got to talk a lot about ME and MY BOOK and MY WRITING CAREER. Thanks go out to my wife who looked after the kid so I could sit alone and talk about myself over the internet. Bizzong is one of my favorite podcasts because it really shines a light on bizarro and weird stuff in general. Like I told Frank, there was a time when bizarro didn’t have these sorts of platforms. The fact that we do now is a huge sign of progress in our bid to take over the world with weird books. Check out the episode here.