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Jimbo Yojimbo, now on KINDLE

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Great news! My latest book is now available on Kindle, so all you folks who are too good for paper and ink can rejoice! Go buy it with one click!


This actually comes at a great time, because now you can get Jimbo INSTANTLY and then post a review on Amazon very soon. Why would you do that? Because tomorrow I’m going to start a DVD GIVEAWAY! Everybody who posts a review on Jimbo Yojimbo’s amazon page will receive a dvd of their choice along with other kickass prizes. More details will be posted tomorrow (including an inventory of the dvds, so you can choose which one you want! Holy crap!)


Jimbo Yojimbo @ Ginger Nuts of Horror

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I’ve waited a long time to see one of my books on Ginger Nuts of Horror, and lo and behold, now is the time! Huge thanks to Ginger Nuts of Horror and the writer of this review, Amber Fallon (read her books!). She describes the storytelling as “rich, beautiful, cinematic, and skillful. Author David W. Barbee’s talent shines through like a bright tadpole.”


Read the whole review at Ginger Nuts of Horror, one of the best damn genre sites on this here internet.

Jimbo Yojimbo is OUT NOW!

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It’s a new year and my new book is now available! Head to Amazon to get a copy of Jimbo Yojimbo!


It’s already got a review that goes a little something like this:

“If you’re familiar with David W. Barbee, you know his signature knock-you-down-and-drag-you-along-for-the-ride style of storytelling. Jimbo Yojimbo is no different. You hit the ground running, dodging battalions of genetically engineered shrimp called Crawds on a daring prison break, voyaging down a trash river, meeting up with crazed gun nuts, and a final show down that you won’t forget. Our hero has a cuttlefish sewn into his face. He encounters a wild menagerie of humans, animals, and some things that might be both (or neither?) on his quest for revenge against the dastardly Bhudda Gump Shrimp Company. If you love weird fiction, samurai epics, southern style cuisine, bizarre mashups, or any combination of the above, this book is for you! It’s a crazy-wonderful dish of deep fried frog ass sashimi!”

Every copy sold through Amazon is a huge help, but remember that you can also contact your local library or bookstore to get a copy there, as well. That’s helpful to your community, and honestly, the bookstore or library will probably be getting their copy from Amazon anyway. If you live in the Central Georgia area, there will be copies at THE GOLDEN BOUGH located on Cotton Avenue in historic downtown Macon. Hopefully we can make 2018 the year of Swords and Sumbitches.

The Night’s Neon Fangs @ Box of Bizarro

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Lately, all of my focus has been on my next book, Bacon Fried Bastard. I’ve been busy with edits, promotional art, lining up con appearances, and trying to get people on board with a drunk pig monster. But during all that, William Box brought a little attention to my previous book, The Night’s Neon Fangs. He was kind enough to write a quick review over at his blog.

He says, “The Night’s Neon Fangs, in its entirety, is entertaining and cohesive. It is hard to find a werewolf, western, detective, or biblical story that hasn’t been written the same exact way a hundred times. David W. Barbie creates worlds within your favorite genres that will change the way you view…well, everything.” Thanks, Mr. Box. Head over to Box of Bizarro to check out the review.

The Night’s Neon Fangs @ Dead End Follies

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Dead End Follies is a great review site that covers a wide range of subjects and has lately taken an interest in bizarro fiction. The editor, Benoit, was kind enough to review The Night’s Neon Fangs and I really liked what he had to say.

“The Night’s Neon Fangs is an enigma shrouded in colorful candy wrapper with a fleeting and intangible meaning… It’s bleak, but it’s oddly deep and moving.”

Thanks to Dead End Follies for this review, which you can check out here.

Thunderpussy @ ManArchy Magazine

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Gabino Iglesias is one of the most well-read people on the planet. The sheer number of books he reads (not to mention reviews) makes me feel like I watch too much fucking TV. Luckily he’s one of the good guys. Gabino reviewed my last book in The Austin Post, and now he’s reviewed Thunderpussy at ManArchy Magazine. I truly can’t think of a better place for Thunderpussy to shine, as ManArchy is a haven for pulpy neo-noir fiction with a masculine bent. Declan Magpie Bruce is nothing if not masculine, and I’m thrilled that his transcredible exploits have been reviewed there. Click here to read all about it.

And huge thanks go out to Gabino Iglesias. While you’re buying Thunderpussy, make sure to check out his book Gutmouth. Both are named after mutated body parts. Weird.


Thunderpussy reviewed by Dangerous Dan.

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Whenever one of my books gets reviewed, I feel like this.


Today I feel it double. As you can see it’s a wonderful and titanic emotion. The reason is today’s review of Thunderpussy at Dangerous Dan’s Book Blog. And as an added bonus, Dan reviewed A Town Called Suckhole as well. Huge thanks to him. And to you, read the shit out of my books for yourself. You’ll be pleased that you did so.