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“To Be One With You” (featuring my story “Cock Necked”)

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Status Update: Jimbo Yojimbo is still getting reviews HERE and THERE, and Taterskinheads is very close to being printed, and I’m moving into a new house, and oh yeah, here’s an anthology I’m in. I wrote this last year at the Ghost Town Writer’s Retreat, which wasn’t so bad if you shut your eyes hard enough. I wrote a story for this titled “Cock Necked,” which is about a man who finds a parasitic worm growing in his… neck.


To Be One With You; An Anthology of Parasitic Horror is St Rooster Books first anthology. This collection features horrifying, intelligent, and disgusting journeys into the relationship between host and parasite. Featuring work by Paul Kane, Marie O’Regan, Jeffery X Martin, David W Barbee, Ross Peterson, Peter Oliver Wonder, Adam Millard, and DJ Tyrer.

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In all the hustle and bustle of tabling cons and casting pods, I completely forgot to share the cover art for my next book, Taterskinheads. I shared it on other social media, but not on this here blog. So here it is! The artwork is by Justin T. Coons, and it’s magnificent in its bloody, racist-chomping glory.


Now I just have to give it one more editing polish and it should be ready for publication this year. Thanks to Justin for the art and for Bizarro Pulp Press for being a pleasure to work with. Now back into the mines. I’ve got editing and submitting to do this week, then it’s off to DAYS OF THE DEAD ATLANTA this weekend. Should have a report on that soon, if I don’t die from doing too many things.