The Night’s Neon Fangs

NNF Final Cover
On Christmas night, Buster Wade is cursed by the high voltage bite of an electric werewolf. With his life in shambles, he takes a job as the bodyguard for a grisly old miser looking to harness the bloodthirsty lightning coursing through his veins. Together, they travel a grotesque American monsterscape, sweeping up mummies that rain from the sky. Can Buster contain himself until he’s able to end his curse? Or will he sink his sizzling neon fangs into everyone around him?
Noah’s Ark never found land. The Lord God left him and all the animals alone on a planet of endless ocean. In the coming centuries, Noah’s simple boat became Arkopolis, a floating city where Noah’s human family and all the animals of the earth bred generations of mutant citizens. Now, that animal world is on the brink of war, and their only hope is the ghost of their righteous, noble, and falling-down-drunk founder, Noah.
He roams the outback astride the meanest ostrich alive, a stone-cold killer with six-shooters for hands, on the hunt for wanted outlaws, reptiloid invaders, and scalp-hungry hippies. He has a name, but in this bionic, Bizarro western, they all call him that ultimo sumbitch.
All the people in Guano City are bats, and upholding the law are the crime-fighting batcops. But something is rotten in the caped crusaders’ ranks. A slain officer has returned from the pits of Hell to take revenge for his family’s unjust murder and rejoin the force. Now, the lovable misfits of Precinct 7 must help their fellow officer on his bloody rampage across Guano City, all for the glory of the Batdevil.

“In my worst nightmares, the werewolves have these glowing fangs. David Barbee takes that about twenty steps farther, in here. Now I’ve got new nightmares. Better nightmares.” -Stephen Graham Jones, author of After the People Lights Have Gone Off

“David Barbee is the nuclear Vincent Price of the information age–whispering odd-shaped narratives at us from the craziest corners you could ever get backed into. Smile in fear, bitches. And let the electric werewolves bite.” -Brian Allen Carr, Wonderland award-winning author of Motherfucking Sharks

“It’s not the fact that an electric werewolf (read: neon fangs) exists that makes this book a winner, it’s the way Barbee uses that premise to construct a taut character study that is unsettling — but often times hilarious.” -Ain’t It Cool News

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